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The Great Race

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Well on Sunday April 23 Scott and I ran a race that I look forward to running again next year (Right Scott?). It would be fun to run the entire circuit but I don't think I could survive a summer of these races! I am just now feeling like I have my legs back from this one. It was labeled as an adventure triathalon and was put on by Blue Hills Adventures out of Manhattan. Here are a few pictures for your enjoyment.

Scott had before mentioned that this was his first "real" competitive race outside of swimming. And I hadn't raced since Jr. High. You can imagine the shell shock I had when we see all of $1500 + bikes and loads of gear that people had laid out in Transition Area 1 (TA1).

Here we are at the briefing where they tell us that the course is minimally marked and you can see most of the checkpoints from the race route. After this they told us we would start with one person on a bike and the other running. The person with the blue mark was the lucky one here as they were able to start on the bike. Darn the luck. After finding this out we proceeded to the start line where they handed us a rope. Many of the experienced racers began chuckling. I did not. It turns out that not only was I running first but I was going to be tied to Scott as he rode his bike.

We fell to the back of the pack fairly quickly as I am not a good runner. After a little less than a mile or so of running next to Scott we arrived back at TA1. From here we started a long run around the Rocky shore of Tuttle Creek and around a few trails. It was at this point that we began to pass people fairly consistently. Though we were passing a few teams I lagged behind Scott. I would like to blame it on the fact that I had already run a ways, but I am sure the quality of shape I was in had something to do with it as well.

From here we arrived back at TA1 were Scott and I started a 2-3 mile kayak in the open water of Tuttle Creek Reservoir. Not much to note here. With a higher combined weight we did not do so well in the kayaks falling behind again. At this point of the race I got my first paralyzing cramp in my right calf, not a good thing, in a tiny inflatable kayak! After the Kayak the race took on a new look for us, transitioning to the bikes was a great thing.

Biking was our strong point. We passed several people as we navigated down the highway that led to a road east of Tuttle. Upon arriving at Rocky Ford Fishing area we had our first technical challenge. Scott and I had one hand tethered to each other and then was forced to balance a tennis ball on a board balanced with our other two hands as we navigated an obstacle course. It took us twice but we did not lose much time. From here we did a little off road biking.

Eventually we came to the spill way where we ran up to the actual flood gates and had to gather ten letters from school boxes and then unscramble them to spell "floodgates". This combination of sprinting and thinking was extremely hard at this point in the race. After running back to our bikes we had one check point left and it seemed as though we were home free and in the top ten, possibly. With about a half to full mile of biking to go downhill most of the way we figured we were in good shape to finish well. Until Scott yelled the bad news from behind, "Flat Tire!". I hopped off to go help and instantly both of my calves and quads cramped up leaving me in a world of pain. We watched as several teams passed while we fought the tire. In the end we finished 16th place with a time of 3:54:35. If was a great time!

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