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One of the greatest privileges and advancements of believers, both in this world and unto eternity, consists in their beholding the glory of Christ.

-John Owen, The Glory of Christ

Digital Learning Exercise

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Though I have moved out of the classroom, I am still fascinated by education and feel like it is important to stay in touch with what is going on.

My favorite part of education is technology integration. Today I stumbled upon a piece of stop motion animation that I love. In this linked post you will find a movie of The Good Samaritan acted out frame by frame with Lego figures in a modern day setting. Here are a few of the many reasons why I hope our children would be presented with projects like this on a regular basis:

1.) Engaging, you would be hard pressed to find an elementary or high school aged student who would not love to do this project. At the age of 24 I would love to do this project. This will also do wonders for your classroom management.

2.) Communication, as students work on projects like this they are gaining great communication skills. Notice the attention to detail given along with emotional cues the story gives via music and sound effects. Another child watching this film will understand the story better than I could explain it, as this medium is part of their everyday language.

3.) Retention, I would bet against all odds that Joel understands the story of the Good Samaritan extremely well. With all the time he has put into the project I would also wager that the things he has learned from those scriptures will never leave him.

When purchasing houses in the future, when Amy and I have children, you better believe that I will spend time in potential schools learning about their technology plans and projects from grade to grade. It's not that technology, in and of itself, makes us smarter, but it makes us more efficient and better communicators, which are two keys to success.

Wes Fryer, often talks about digital story telling but today he discussed it in terms of the church. I could see something like this creating commotion in just about any church if we tried to integrate it into the SS curriculum. That is unfortunate, as Wes points out this is simply telling a story. Telling a story in a format that is very comfortable to this generation of children. I would like to see things like this become the 21st century craft project for SS classes. Instead of making picture frames (not that there is anything wrong with that), I see this as a better use of time in most situations. I am starting a summer program and the wheels are turning.... :) Stay tuned for what comes out of that.

Great work Joel and thanks for sharing!

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