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One of the greatest privileges and advancements of believers, both in this world and unto eternity, consists in their beholding the glory of Christ.

-John Owen, The Glory of Christ

Passionate Spirituality

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The following are a few note segments form a session by Fritz Dale, titled Passionate Spirituality. Occasionally when at a conference you attend a session where you feel as though, “If this was the only good thing I gain from this trip it was well worth the expense.” This session was it for me. Though Fritz knew he was talking to a room full of pastors and church leaders he made a strong plea and case for the need to walk strong with the Lord.

Americans are far more interested in generic spirituality than religion. We as a nation are looking for something greater than ourselves.

Discussed movie “Crash”

Paraphrased quote from Crash.
“In LA nobody touches you, nobody touches one another they crash into each other to feel and be felt.”

“Acedia- from the Greek word literally meaning caring free, is often defined as spiritual laziness, putting off what God asks you to do, or not doing it at all. Acedia implies the attitude of a person that goes from fury to laziness in a second.” (Wikipedia)

Are we too often spiritually lazy?

A crisis of faith is when we have no strength to follow God and don’t want any. A phase of emptiness on the inside with a maintenance of the outward spiritual looks. We in essence become performers. When we focus on people we are manipulated by the expectations of others.

Christian spirituality fails when it becomes about our experience and falls away from God’s identity.

Passionate spirituality is not:
A formula.
A personality.
A one-time experience.
A location.
An experience or lifestyle.
A lifelong process for becoming a better person (That cannot be the end goal).

We are not the subject, nor the action. The more there is of us the less there is of God.

Passionate spirituality is:
A work of God.
A movement towards God.
A process, a lifelong pursuit.

Colossians 1:27 To them God has chosen to make known among the Gentiles the glorious riches of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory

Scriptures considering location in relation to God
James 4:8
Psalm 73:26-28

Christians often live with no margin in our lives.

Our culture is cursed with superficiality, what we need is people of depth.

Don’t sacrifice depth for area.

In this life we will never be congruent with the image and person of Christ, but what a great pursuit that is.

Passionate Spirituality is being full of Jesus and full of life.

“The glory of God is most visibly seen in a person who is fully alive.” Iraneus, 2nd Century Theologian.

Christians can often be half dead in a world that is seeking to be fully alive.

• Galatians 5: Reccomended exercise, read an entire gospel in one time spell and look for how Jesus lived the fruit of the spirit.

Full of Life: A workable description.
Full of convictions, you’re willing to die for something.
Having a purity of heart.
To will one thing.
Full of courageous faith. Willing to take bold steps.
Contagious. People liked Jesus.
People of joy. Enjoyment.
Filled with gratitude, not owed anything.
Full of adventure.

Spirituality is precision in the scriptures.

A Holy Balance:

God’s Work
Romans 8:29
John 15:4-5
Galatians 5:22-25

Our Response to God’s gracious and loving work
1 Peter 5:6
John 1:12
James 1:21
Matthew 7:7-8

A Tension
1 Cor 15: 10
Phil 2:12-13

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